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Medicare CDBS



The CBDS offer the eligible children with advantage for basic oral care services so that you can get your teeth healthier without any restrictions.

Knowing the CBDS

Eligible people can get benefit of basic dental services for their children with the help of the CDBS that is Child Benefit Dental Scheme, a generous scheme offered by the Australian Government.

It substituted the Medicare Teen Dental Plan that actually ceased action on 31st December 2013. In this novel schedule, kids of age 2 to 18 are able to get a capped benefit privilege to go towards the price of basic oral services in Australia.

People should meet a means test to meet the criteria for the benefit, which implies that they have either taken a Family Tax Benefit Part A or other relevant payment of Australian Government.

Who is Eligible for this?

A kid is eligible for the CHILD BENEFIT DENTAL SCHEME if he/she is aged under2-18 years.

What is Included in CDBS?

A variety of services like examinations, cleaning, x-rays, root canals, fissure sealing and extractions are provided under this scheme.

The scheme will absolutely not cover cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics (like braces). To know what your kid is eligible to, please contact us and discuss your requirements.

To know more about the same or whether you are eligible or not?, you can freely contact with us.